Elizabeth Arden Perfumes

I’m a person that always looks for fresh scents, especially now, when the spring is coming. It’s a perfect time to feel fresh and new, so why not buy yourself a perfect perfume?

Today I have three scents from Elizabeth Arden I want to share with you.



From the left: Green Tea Lavender, Green Tea Summer, Green Tea Cherry Blossom.

As you may have noticed they all contain Green tea, which gives a subtle fresh smell and goes very well with other ingredients. It stays on your skin, leaving you energized and ready for the day!

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom:



The Green Tea Cherry blossom is a very feminine and delicate scent, it literally screams BEAUTY! It’s very subtle on the skin and after spraying it you immediately feel fresh and ready for the day.

If you are looking for a nice and delicate everyday scent, you should try this one. I use this almost everyday and it always leaves me in a good mood 🙂

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Summer:



Amazing scent for spring/summer time!  This one has a very fresh orange scent and when you spray it you immediately start to think about summertime fun, hot days, fresh drinks and all the pretty things that go with it!

This one is my all time favorite and I always keep it for special occasions, so later when I spray it, I go back to the good times I had while wearing it.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender:



I’m a big fan of this packaging, because purple is one of my favorite colors and lavender is my favorite flower, so I couldn’t go wrong with this one!

The Green Tea Lavender is the one with a stronger scent and it stays longer on the skin, so if you’re a fan of strong and fresh scent of lavender, this one is for you! Personally I use this one when I go out, and I always receive lots of compliments!

I have been using these scents for quite some time now and I’m very happy with it. I recommend trying them, if you’re a fan of fresh green tea scents 🙂

TIP: Spray your hair with perfume to get a long lasting fresh smell!!

If you liked it follow me for more and leave me a comment with your favorite perfume, I need to try more! 🙂






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