Spring Inspirations 2016

Hi Guys!

I get very inspired by the things I see on the runway, Tumblr or YouTube. Usually I can’t pick one style, so I combine them depending on my mood. As April is coming, I want to try more trends and share them with you here on my blog! 🙂



Lately you can see that 2016 is all about that sporty vibe style. What I like about this trend is that you can combine sporty style with anything you want and get your own amazing look! Here I have for you a few examples of the current trends:


87MM Seoul






top shop 3

-Clear frames:

As a glasses wearer I usually look for new trends in this area. I was tired of black frames, so I looked for more subtle, yet edgy eyewear and I found the clear glasses! I love them and I think anyone can look cool wearing them! I had to get a pair myself too 🙂




My glasses:



-Pastel Makeup:

This time I love Pastel makeup. As much as I still love my brown lipstick and brown eye shadow, I have to say I became a big fan of pastel pink on the eye and lips. In April I want to try and create some looks with bright colors on the eye and lips. I think it’s perfect for this time of spring!

Vivienne Westwood


Georgine Spring 2016



Also I can’t forget about the Baddie style & makeup! I’ve been loving this since the first day I saw it. The makeup is very glamorous, but it still has this “I’m bad” vibe, which makes it more interesting and amazing! This month I want to try and recreate the look and maybe I will share it with you here 🙂





#3 HAIR: 

Braids and buns are a big thing now, I think the idea of it is amazing, because you can wear it as a casual hairstyle pretty much effortlessly, but it still gives you this glam look!

I tried this few times and I love it!



hair 1


Sometimes I get so in love with the style in the music videos, that I just have to recreate it!

Recently I found 4Minute- Hate and 4Minute- Crazy songs, and I can’t get over them! The songs and the fashion in the videos are just AMAZING! (I never knew I was a fan of Korean music until I found this :D)


Hope you Enjoyed my inspirations! Let me know what is your favorite trend 🙂




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