70’s Inspired Look

Hi Guys!

60’s and 70’s are my Favorite decades and today I decided, that it would be fun to make 70’s inspired look!

I didn’t want to go too much with crazy colors like blue or green,so I decided to use more of the brown/orange shades to get this bold 70’s look.







What I used to create this look:

Step 1: Foundation & Concealer:

  • Foundation:

Today I used my new Foundation by L’Oreal in shade 11 Vanilla- It’s a little bit too dark for me, but this one was the lightest in the shop- I still like it tho, It’s the best foundation I had so far.


  • Concealer:

I always look for a high coverage concealers because my skin is not perfect and I get a lot of redness and pimples. Today I used my all-time favorites: a  Concealer by Catrice in 01 Ivory- very high coverage, and Perfect Match Concealer  by L’Oreal in 02 Vanilla- to brighten my under eyes and area around my nose.



Step 2: Eyes:


From the Left: Smooth Harmony,8,2,18,1, Pure.

  1. As a base color on my eyes I used Pure from my Naturally Yours Palette, Then added Smooth Harmony.

20160415_152338-01   2. Then I added Brown & Orange colors from my old H&M palette “Shadowland“:  shades number: 1,2,8,18.


3. And then I added eyeliner and I used my new Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced.



Step 3: Lips:

For my lips I used Nude Brown matte lipstick by Maybelline in shade Nude Embrace.


Hope You enjoyed this Makeup Look! Let me know if you liked it!

*Sorry for the light changing the color of the photos

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30 thoughts on “70’s Inspired Look

      1. Hmm, well I’m a new blogger too here, I started like a month ago ha! But I think what is important, is that you have to blog regularly, and it’s always good if you have a good quality posts and just post things that you are interested in and have fun, so It might be interesting for other people too 🙂 I love blogging here, I had few blogs before but It wasn’t as fun, here I can express myself more than on Tumblr, I think wordpress is better if you want to write or even meet new people that share the same interests! 🙂
        I hope it helps a little, Have fun blogging! ❤ 🙂

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