Summer Inspirations 2016!

Hi guys!

It’s finally summer so it’s time for some inspirations for this season!

Today I have for you some of my favorite things that are trending right now in fashion and makeup and will probably be the bomb this summer! I also included few of my personal favorite essentials!  INSTAGRAM


~Off the shoulder flowy blouse:



I see on the Internet and almost every social media that everyone is wearing off the shoulder blouses! I think this summer will be all about them!

I love the boho look that they give you! Maybe sometimes they are not that comfortable to wear but they definitely look amazing, so if you’re looking for something that will give you that cute and flowy boho look you should try this!

~Fashionable track pants:

Don’t put them away yet because they are still on the top!



It’s no secret that THESE pants are trending right now and won’t go away soon. Personally I love wearing pants like this mostly because they are very comfortable and you can wear them with almost everything!

Although summer can be very hot and the long version of the pants for this season might be too much, don’t worry! There are short versions of them as well!


~Gold accessories:

tumblr_m6owjcVVtF1qinp4fo1_500 (1)


I always prefer gold over silver and it’s an essential for me in the summer! It’s always nice to have something around your neck to give your outfit a little pop!

Also I think this summer gold ankle bracelets will be back and everyone will be rocking them, and I don’t mind it because I personally love them!


~Metallic Lips:


Recent makeup hit are metallic lips! All the makeup gurus are wearing them and all makeups brands are coming up with metallic lip products!

I love this so much and I am definitely going to try them this summer!


~Gold Makeup:



Gold on eyes is essential for me in the summer! I love this kind of makeup on tanned skin in the summer and it looks amazing as a party look!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you liked it in the comments! 🙂

❤ I’m finally back and I will post here regularly! ❤

Tell me what is your favorite trend or what is essential for you this summer!



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